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What We Provide

Our office offers a variety of therapy and counseling options. Clients may schedule therapy with Dr. Perry, or with master’s and doctoral level interns who work under his supervision.


Many people struggle when faced with difficult problems or challenges. The death of a loved one can cause prolonged grief, or the end of a relationship can create a long period of sadness. A traumatic event may lead to episodes of fear or panic. Or perhaps substance abuse is taking a toll on your life. Individual psychotherapy can help identify ways to manage these and other challenges.

Finding healthy ways to cope is critical. Undesirable coping styles include yelling, withdrawing, or incidents of violence, among other things. These may be related to problems with mood, anxiety, trauma, family conflict, relationship issues, alcohol and drug use, or other factors. Psychotherapy helps people learn to manage life’s challenges, so unhealthy ways of coping can be replaced with better choices. Individual psychotherapy can lessen symptoms and provide an improved sense of well-being.


Couples counseling can help couples examine, understand, and resolve conflicts. Our therapists can help you and your partner identify tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, problem solve, and even argue in a healthier way.

Our office welcomes all couples in our practice, regardless of marital status or gender.  The only requirement is that both individuals share a goal of improving their relationship.


In group therapy, clients meet in a small group setting with individuals who share similar concerns, or want to target the same type of problem. People in group therapy often attend individual therapy as well, although that is not always the case.

Group settings provide a variety of benefits. Peers can provide a sounding board. Actively listening to others can help you put your own problems in perspective. Seeing how other people tackle their problems and make positive changes can help you advance towards your own goals.


Sliding Scale

Dr. Perry has a sliding scale for clients with limited financial means, however the number of available slots for discounted therapy is limited. Post graduate Doctoral-level (PhD or PsyD) and master’s degree level interns work under Dr. Perry’s supervision and can provide lower cost psychotherapy.

The clinicians who provide services through Dr. Perry’s practice all have at least a few years of experience and are highly skilled and trained.

For psychotherapy at a reduced fee, please call (510) 926-8552 or email for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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