What We Provide

Psychological assessments are tests that provide a picture of a person’s unique psychological makeup.  Assessments can provide a great deal of information, such as intellectual abilities, learning disorders, and mental health problems. They can also give insight into career aptitude, personality traits, and neuro-psychological conditions, such as dementia or brain injury.

Assessments can be used to provide recommendations for treatment, referrals, employment, and other purposes.  These tests can also help provide an accurate diagnosis, especially when there is a complex problem in which several diagnoses are possible.  This speeds up process of diagnosing a problem and providing treatment.


Personality / Psychopathology:
Used to provide information about which diagnoses and problems should be the focus of treatment.

Cognitive / Intellectual:
Used to provide information about intellectual strengths and limitations. This assessment can identify problem areas that may warrant further attention or become a focus of treatment. Sometimes these tests are used to provide school services for children with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, etc.

Used to provide information on the best employment options and areas for improvement for vocational rehabilitation.

Used to provide information about areas of deficit for the purposes of treatment and/or receiving services. These assessments are often used when there is a question about medical-psychological functioning such as in Alzheimer’s disease or a brain injury.



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