John Sanders, MARegistered Psychological Assistant

    As a psychological assistant, I work under the licensed supervision of Dr. Ron Perry through his private practice. I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clientele. Each client has unique issues they are hoping to work through and a skill set they are looking to improve. Often it is the artist or ‘creative’ that ends up in my office and invariably those who do not identify as creative end up re-defining a new conceptual, personal creative spirit.

    Educated in Psychodynamics, I utilize a multi-theoretical and eclectic/integrative approach to psychotherapy. I find myself repeatedly conceptualizing from Humanistic, Transpersonal and Depth oriented, Jungian inspired frameworks. I sought an education at the California Institute of Integral Studies because they maintain a theoretical bridge to eastern philosophy and spirituality.

    My previous career in the arts fostered creative exploration of dreams, symbols and archetype. My approach offers flexibility and resiliency in examining how conscious and unconscious desires drive psychotherapeutic integration towards the goal of increasing personal mastery and the achievement of cherished goals by reducing pathogenic coping strategies to improved social, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

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