Glennery L. Besson, Ph.DRegistered Psychological Assistant

    I am a registered psychological assistant working under Dr. Ron Perry’s supervision. I have had the good fortune to work with a broad range of clients from many different age groups and ethnicities. Being Asian by birth, I am conversationally fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. I was also brought up in a society that values cultural diversity and ethnic tolerance. Therefore, my approach to therapy comes from a place of empathy and respect. I believe that every person deserves and needs support in order to thrive. No matter where you are in life, I offer my effort to meet you there and journey with you until you achieve your personal goals. I embrace flexible and integrative approaches, based on the synergy between mind, body, and brain. Within these three contexts, we can initiate the exploration of the different layers of the psyche as we work together to achieve your personal definitions of better mental health and well-being.

    My advanced studies have been in the areas of psychodynamic, transpersonal / depth psychology, East-West spirituality, Jungian sandplay, art therapy, yoga therapy, and a keen interest in neurobiology. Fundamentally, my integrative therapeutic methods are grounded in these frameworks. For those clients who may be interested in forms of creative expression, an option would be choosing to participate in a MARI session – an assessment tool that uses symbols and colors to reveal one’s authentic self and to examine the different elements of consciousness.

    I am interested in utilizing the integrative transpersonal approach to understand the psychobiology of one’s emotions. For example, many of our emotions are influenced by memories of past experiences and perceptions. At the same time, memories are largely impacted by our emotions. Therefore, my objective is to help one to understand the nature of their emotions and how that understanding can provide perspective on their current situation.

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