As a psychological assistant, I work with individuals, couples, and groups experiencing substance use and other psychological conditions. I also work with people having interpersonal or existential concerns. My approach to therapy is based on acceptant, empathic, and genuine support of the whole person within the context of his or her life experience. I embrace the bio-psycho-social concept of wellness and illness, which suggests that mental health and well-being are strongly influenced by interrelated biogenetic, neurobiological, psychological, interpersonal, cultural, and environmental factors.

Personal thoughts, beliefs, and emotional states often contribute to or worsen emotional or interpersonal problems and substance abuse. Exploration of these states can facilitate healing. When appropriate, I integrate guided imagery and meditative reflection into therapy. I offer therapeutic approaches to individual and group mindfulness practice and integrated support for addressing existential concerns. I have specialized in the treatment of substance use and mental health conditions for over 23 years.

Psychological Assistant, # PSB36626. Supervised by Ron Perry, PsyD, License # PSY22242